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New Mumps Cases Cluster at Heartland Community College

The latest cluster of mumps cases in Mclean County is at Heartland Community College in Normal. Cathy Coverston-Anderson is Assistant Director at the Heath Department.  She says four cases have been confirmed, and there will likely be more.

There is a 12 to 25 day incubation period. So, the cases we see now were infected two weeks ago. Because of that long incubation period we expect to see some more."


"With mumps you are infectious two days before you start to show symptoms."

So far, there have been sixteen cases in McLean County ranging in age from 15 to 54. An infant case reported earlier turned out not to be mumps.

She says although it's rare, young adults, like those at Heartland Community College, could suffer complications.


"Meningitis or encephalitis. Some people experience swelling of the testes, which if untreated can lead to sterility. Very rarely, but that can happen. And for women, it can lead to swelling of their ovaries."

The University of Illinois has had more than 100 cases of mumps this year.

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