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Visiting Bloomington's Selfie Express Museum from Walking Visions Photography

The Walking Visions Photography storefront and home of the Selfie Express Museum, in Bloomington.

For better or worse, we know all about selfies and we know all about museums. But what do you know about Selfie Museums? Better yet, a Selfie Express Museum?

It’s time you that meet the multifaceted Ashley and LaVance Walker. They are graduate students, newlyweds and the owners of Walking Visions Photography Inc. in Bloomington and the minds behind the Selfie Express Museum.

In their brick-and-mortar building located at 1102 S. Main in Bloomington, they have constructed a multipurpose space for events that also serves as a photography studio, and houses the all-important mini themed booths for selfies and fun.

"So on Instagram, just finding things that can be done with photography, because we do graduation photos and wedding photography and portraits and things. But what else can we do?" Ashley said.

And after scrolling and seeing selfie museums in bigger cities, the Walkers were inspired to figure out a way to bring this to the Twin Cities. With the help of a friend from church, construction began on the booths and the acquiring of props.

"We really value pictures and fun and having those moments with your friends and family that you can look back on, as like, ‘Why was I sitting in the middle of a bathtub with a rubber duck?’ … [it’s less about], ‘Oh, I don’t take selfies, why should I go?’ It’s more of like, you have this picture, you have this moment of fun that you can cherish and you can have that experience of being silly," Ashley said.

The Selfie Express Museum is, one part, for your expression, but also express, because the experience is an hour long. Everyone is welcome and for more details and to reserve your selfie time, go to walkingvisions.com.

Ariele Jones is WGLT's assistant program director and host of Morning Edition, Highway 309, and Center Stage.