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Local Educators Coordinating On State Budget Issues

Michael Hill

With the precarious nature of state funding as a backdrop, Illinois State University President Larry Dietz said he is working to organize a coalition of local education administrators.

During Sound Ideas, Dietz said there are important areas besides funding totals that are of concern.

"We're putting together a group of folks, including K-through-12 superintendents as well as the presidents of Illinois Wesleyan and Heartland Community College talking about the timing of decisions," Dietz said.

He added that the group wants to meet soon with lawmakers.

"We're putting together some timing patterns with that and hope to get together with some local legislators to talk about that," Dietz said.

Dietz said the group of university presidents and chancellors he convenes weekly is busy this month strategizing, so when the election is over next month, they'll be able to address key funding issues with lawmakers and the governor. Dietz said the stop-gap funding style the state has used over the past year makes planning extremely difficult.

Dietz also discussed ISU fundraising, which finished the year with the second highest amount of funds raised, and readiness for next year's comprehensive campaign.

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