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Attorney General Sues Clinton Trucking Company For Fuel Spill

Lisa Madigan at podium
M. Spencer Green
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is taking a DeWitt County trucking company to court over claims that a fuel spill contaminated a pond and nearby creek.

A Clinton trucking company is being taken to court by the Illinois attorney general’s office because of a large fuel spill.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan claims H&M Trucking spilled 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel near its terminal June 30, creating an oil slick that covered a large residential pond and a tributary that emptied into Coon Creek.

Madigan is asking a judge for a preliminary injunction to ensure the company cleans up the site immediately.

“Instead of immediately reporting the diesel fuel leak and containing the contamination, H&M allowed the fuel to spread, jeopardizing the environment and peoples’ health,” Madigan said. “H&M must clean up contamination of the site while the cause of the leak is investigated.”

The AG’s office said H&M has hired an environmental consultant to assess contamination and oversee cleanup while the litigation is ongoing.

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