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Candidate Questionnaire: Dan Brady

Dan Brady at mic
State Rep. Dan Brady, a Bloomington Republican.

These responses were submitted by Republican state Rep. Dan Brady, who faces Democratic challenger Ben Webb. The questionnaire was prepared by GLT in partnership with the League of Women Voters of McLean County. See more candidate responses.

Do you support moving Illinois to a progressive/graduated income tax? Why or why not?

I do not support a progressive tax in Illinois. Time and time again the majority in the General Assembly has repeatedly failed to look at reforms that would help balance the state’s budget and instead turned to large tax increases to fund more spending. A progressive tax structure will allow the practice to continue nearly unchecked. This would require a constitutional amendment, to change our constitution to a progressive tax

Do you think there should be term limits for lawmakers, legislative leaders, or statewide officers?

I believe term limits should be for legislative leaders. Similar to action taken by the House Republicans several years ago.

I believe that the right to run for office should not be term limited and left up to the voters to decide who their choice to elect should be.

What changes would you support to stabilize Illinois’ pension systems?

This year there were significant achievements in common-sense pension reform. Creations of buyouts give public employees a real choice when it comes to their retirement and works to save taxpayers by reducing liability. More can be done, like testing the consideration approach for pension reform to if it is a constitutional way to reform pensions but every year we must adequately fund the pension systems

Illinois’ higher education system is bleeding students to other states. How would you make Illinois’ public universities and colleges more competitive and financially stable?

Affordability and reliability are what we need most for Illinois’ higher education system. This year I was able to pass legislation that creates merit scholarships for students and will help improve college affordability. Also, the General Assembly must reliably fund higher education through MAP grants and increased funding to our universities.

I have worked on the bipartisan higher ed task force, the first phase was focused on legislation to help students on tuition cost. I.e. aim high program, 4-year map, etc. The next phase of our work is creating a tuition funding formula for Illinois higher education.

Do you support legalizing recreational adult use of marijuana? Why or why not?

I do not support legalization. Illinois should carefully study the long-term impacts legalization has in other states before making marijuana easily accessible. I also have deep concerns of what the work place environment could become and the safety of the public on Illinois roads.

Illinois has many infrastructure needs. Do you support another comprehensive capital bill at this time? If so, how would you pay for it?

Illinois has miles of crumbling roads and bridges and numerous repairs needed to state and university buildings. It is time for a comprehensive capital bill and we should use it as a time to address not only our current infrastructure, but also plan for our state’s future needs. To pay for a capital plan I would first look at an expansion of gaming including bringing casinos to horse racing tracks.

Do you think Illinois’ business climate is adequately “friendly”? Do you think the state needs to make any changes to encourage businesses to move or expand in Illinois?

Our business climate needs improvement and unfortunately the majority in the General Assembly view businesses as something to only tax and regulate. Throughout my career I have championed workers’ compensation reform. When businesses are looking to locate or expand, Illinois ranks near top for highest workers’ compensation costs. Simple reductions to costs will help businesses and grow meaningful middle-class jobs in Illinois once again.

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