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Panel Reviewing 1st BPD Complaint Seeks More Info

Bloomington PSCRB
Baylee Steelman
Bloomington's Public Safety and Community Relations Board plans to meet in closed session on Feb. 6 to review its first complaint.

Members of Bloomington's Public Safety and Community Relations Board are reviewing the details of the first complaint it has received against a city police officer since the panel was formed a year ago.

The panel was formed to handle complaints where the public feels the department's disciplinary response was insufficient. The public filed 20 complaints against the department's officers over the last year, but none led to a PSCRB review. 

Board chairman Art Taylor said the group plans to go into closed session Feb. 6 and could make a recommendation then. He said board members are requesting additional information from the police and from the city’s legal department.

“We are looking at case law and the procedures that the police would have used in their investigation of the complaint,” Taylor said.

The panel was formed to address concerns about police conduct with the public.

Taylor said he's not surprisedit took more than a year to get its first complaint.

“The board was put in place for the purpose of having a second set of eyes available in case there were matters that need to be reviewed on behalf of the general public,” Taylor said.

Taylor added he understands the scrutiny that comes with the first case.

“There’s been enough attention placed on the PSCRB and the board members are conscientious enough to understand that it’s important for us to get it right,” Taylor said. “We will do everything we can and leave no stone unturned to make sure we do get it right.”

The commission could issue a disciplinary recommendation to the police chief and city manager or it could close the case if it's satisfied with how the police department handled the matter.

The board isn't releasing any details of the case.

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