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Majestic New Synth Album Anything But Drab

Jared Alcorn of Waiting Room Records reviews the new Drab Majesty album
Jon Norton
Jared Alcorn of Waiting Room Records reviews the new Drab Majesty album.

If you had walked into Waiting Room Records in uptown Normal in the last few weeks, you might have thought owner Jared Alcorn was in a nostalgic 1980s mood. An album with a nod to that synth sounding decade was getting heavy play on the store's turntable.

It was playing again when WGLT's Jon Norton stopped by again late last week, when Alcorn agreed to give some context to "Modern Mirror" from Drab Majesty for this week's edition of What's on Your Turntable.
"It kind of blends the classic 80s new-wave with some futuristic soundscapes and hints of the early music on the 4AD label. Think 'Tears For Fears meet the Cocteau Twins,'" said Alcorn.
Drab Majesty is essentially a solo vehicle of singer/songwriter Andrew Clinco, who performs in an androgynous blond wig and large sunglasses under the pseudonym Deb DeMure. His partner is Alex Nicolaou, aka Mona D., and dresses identically.
"They wear sunglasses because seeing someone's eyes is a way to connect," said Alcorn. "There imagary is about losing their identity completely. The believe the eyes are the window into the soul. So without that, they are just these manniquen like creatures."
Listen below as Alcorn takes you through cuts from "Modern Mirror," which he describes as easily one of his favorite albums of the year.
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