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Human Service Providers Plead For A State Budget

When lawmakers and the governor finally agree on a state budget, some human services providers are asking them to pass a multi-year plan. IPR's Jamey Dunn has more.

DUNN: A chorus of voices in the state are calling on lawmakers and Gov. Bruce Rauner to reach some kind of agreement and approve a spending plan. But now that it looks like the state will go for more than half the current fiscal year without a budget, some social services providers are asking them go even further.

GETHNER: If they could do it for two years, that would help people set their planning, so they have a better understanding of staffing and the ability to know how many people they can serve.
DUNN: That’s Judith Gethner with Illinois Partners for Human Services. The group is calling for the approval of a two-year budget in January. They governor is scheduled to present his budget for next fiscal year in February. I’m Jamey Dunn.