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Company Linked To Brady Operates Half Of B-N Video Gambling Terminals

Bill Brady
Seth Perlman
Bill Brady of Bloomington is the Republican leader in the Illinois Senate.

State Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington has financial ties to the company that operates half the video gambling terminals in Bloomington-Normal.

State records show Ellsworth-based Midwest Electronics Gaming has brought in $18 million from video gambling terminals in Bloomington-Normal over the last two years. That's the firm ProPublica reported has financial ties to Brady, the Senate minority leader.

State and municipal records show Midwest Gaming licenses 174 terminals at 39 establishments in the Twin Cities. That’s about half.

Reporting from ProPublica indicates Brady has been a sales agent for Midwest Gaming and is now listed as a “person with significant influence or control.” ProPublica said that means Midwest cuts Brady a check from ongoing terminal revenue.

Midwest has terminals in 39 establishments in the Twin Cities. It's not clear how many of them Brady signed up for the company.

After the state takes 30 percent off the top, Midwest Gaming grossed just under $12 million from its Bloomington-Normal terminals. It's not clear how much Brady and his wife receive through their company, Brady Ventures.

Gov. JB Pritzker is seeking an additional $90 million from video gambling next year, but a bill outlining the specifics is not yet public.

A potential tax increase could mean a pay cut for Brady, but ProPublica told GLT squishy state ethics rules might mean Brady could vote on the measure.

Legislators have until the end of the day Friday to pass the hike this session.

Brady declined an interview with ProPublica.

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