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Bloomington Aldermen To Discuss 'Complete Streets'

Jun 20, 2016

A "complete street" in Berlin.
Credit Eric Sehr / Flickr

Both Bloomington and Normal are moving toward possible adoption of so called complete streets policies. Bloomington aldermen will discuss the policy at their “committee of the whole” meeting Monday evening (June 20).

One of the organizations supporting the concept is the bike advocacy group, Bike BloNo. Treasurer Michael Gorman has been working with several aldermen and city staff, educating them on what complete streets are. The national organization of complete streets identifies the concept as, 'designed and operated to enable safe access for all users.' Bike, pedestrian and mass transit are given strong consideration, along with vehicular traffic.

"Streets in this country and around the world can be done more cost-effectively and with inclusivity in mind," said Gorman, during an interview on Sound Ideas. "If you're talking about an arterial-type street, you may need more dedicated space such as a bike lane that might be buffered or protected with physical barriers. Quiet, residential streets may need no attention. It's not a 'one size fits all' solution," said Gorman.

There will be no vote at tonight's gathering of aldermen. Also at the committee of the whole meeting, council members will discuss licensing gaming machines and rules for vaping.