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Bloomington To Levy Stiff Fines For Moving Barricades

Aug 28, 2018

Bloomington is implementing fines starting at $250 for anyone who tries to remove a traffic control device.

The Bloomington City Council on Monday approved the new ordinance violation in response to multiple incidents, some during recent block parties, in which people have moved traffic barricades and created safety hazards.

“In the city, over the years, unfortunately, we have seen barricades moved so that cars can get through,” Public Works Director Jim Karch said. “We’ve seen cars land in fresh concrete.”

The ordinance stipulates fines would range between $250 and $500. Karch said repeat offenders could get the higher fine, but he said the goal is compliance.

Karch said the city plans to attach bumper stickers onto as many barricades as possible to warn people about the new fines.

“There’s not just the hammer but also the carrot of this is for the safety of people on the street,” Karch said.

Under the new ordinance only police, fire and public works crews—or someone they designate—would be authorized to move any traffic control device.

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