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Bloomington's Bulk Waste Grace Period Set To Expire

Jul 27, 2018

Bloomington is about to end its grade period for bulk waste collection.

Starting Wednesday, the city will charge $25 for bulk waste pickup. The city added the fee to help plug a multi-million dollar shortfall.

Public Works Director Jim Karch has been urging residents to drop off their bulk waste at the city's convenience center at 402 S. East St. across from the city's Public Works Department, at no cost.

“The city has seen a dramatic increase in the number of materials that are brought to the Citizen Convenience Center,” Karch said. “The amount of material has increased. We think that’s very much a positive thing."

Karch said the dropoff site collected 204 tons of bulk waste in June, compared to 41 tons last June, a five-fold increase. Henson Disposal is contracted to remove the materials. He said Henson is able to recycle 77 percent of the materials.

“That transition is going to allow us then to keep the community cleaner,” Karch said. "There’s a balance between educating folks on a change in policy and just allowing for clean parkways and a clean city.”

Bloomington will also charge $100 per bucket for sod, dirt, concrete, rock and shingles.

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