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Candidate Questionnaire: Kevin Woodard

Sep 21, 2020

These responses were submitted by Kevin Woodard, the Libertarian candidate for McLean County auditor. See more candidates responses.

Why do you want to serve as McLean County’s auditor?

We have a real problem in our auditor's office. The incumbent has a history of not being available to the County Board or other constituents. She also has a problem getting along with the County Board and others. We need a fiscal conservative to protect out tax dollars that can also work with people.

Kevin Woodard

What would be your top priorities if elected/re-elected?

Be independent: As a Libertarian I am not tied to the Democratic or Republican power structures.

Be a watchdog: I promise to make sure the citizen's tax dollars aren't wasted.

Work well with others: I promise to be available to the County Board and citizens.

What would be your approach to strengthening or improving the working relationship between the auditor’s office and other county officials and staff over the next four years?

I promise to be available for County Board meetings as well as committee meetings. I also promise to work well with the Treasurer. I will treat others with respect realizing we all have our part to play in the governing of McLean County. At the same time I promise to maintain the independence an auditor needs.

What specific professional experience do you have that would qualify you to serve as a “watchdog” for McLean County taxpayers?

I have served over 20 years as a traffic engineer in city government. In those positions I treated city funds as if they were my own. I didn't waste them. And I constantly strove to spend the funds in ways that would most benefit stakeholders. I know how government budgets work and am able to review them with an eye toward preventing waste.

Should the Auditor’s position continue to be full-time, elected, and partisan? Why or why not?

The auditor's position as a watchdog is critical and needs to remain full time. It is also important it be elected so that the public can hire and fire it's watchdog as it deems necessary. An appointed auditor would be too focused on pleasing the County Administrator and less likely to point out wrongdoing.

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