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District 87 Recognizes Student Excellence, Maintains Facility Quality

Apr 12, 2017

District 87 schools Superintendent Barry Reilly said he could not be more proud of the success stories from Bloomington High School students. 

The school board recognized students involved in swimming, speech, art, wrestling and service Wednesday. Reilly said they are role models for their peers. 

(From left to right): Monica Estabrok, Jayda Jumper, Connell Gapinski.
Credit Baylee Steelman

"You've got adults who are working with kids, but kids are leading it," said Reilly. "That is something that's one of a kind. It's not done anywhere else, not that it couldn't be. They will be a model for others to use to make it work in other schools. When the kids own it, it just means so much more to the school."

BHS student Jayda Jumper won best show for her artwork at the McLean County Arts Center. A high school student has not won that award in the Amateur Art Show since 1981. 

Jumper said she just started doing artwork. She said this was her second painting, ever.

Bloomington schools will undergo a few maintenance projects within the next 12 months. 

The school board approved replacements for new auditorium light controls at Bloomington High School, a new boiler at Sheridan Elementary School and an air handler at Sarah Raymond. Reilly said the city's schooling facilities should be top-notch. 

"We think that's important for the learning environment for our kids," said Reilly. "We want community members to be proud when they drive by or pull into our grounds. We take a lot of pride, time and effort to make that happen for this community."

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