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Don Knapp Picked Next McLean County State's Attorney

Aug 21, 2018

UPDATED 1 p.m. | The McLean County Board picked Don Knapp on Tuesday become the next state's attorney.

County Board chairman John McIntyre nominated Knapp on Tuesday. The board approved his selection unanimously by voice vote.

Knapp became the county’s assistant administrator last year after serving as the first assistant in the state’s attorney’s office civil division. Knapp beat out four other applicants for the job: Jane Foster, Jessica Woods, Chris Gramm, and Mark Messman.

“I know it is now my job to protect this county and to earn the trust of the people of this county,” Knapp told GLT’s Sound Ideas.

Knapp will serve out the rest of Jason Chambers' term, through 2020. Chambers was recently appointed as a judge.

McIntyre said he was looking for a state’s attorney who could help maintain continuity at a time when both Chambers and the first assistant, Adam Ghrist, are leaving.

“I needed somebody that could train and somebody that was acceptable (to state’s attorney staff),” McIntyre said. “We didn’t want everybody going out looking for jobs if somebody wasn’t acceptable.”

McIntyre added he was also looking for a leader and someone who could handle the public relations aspects of the job.

“Being a (former) coach, I wanted someone that could work with all of the subordinates in the department. Win together, lose together, stay together, show support. I didn’t want someone who wasn’t able or wanting to do those sorts of things.”

Knapp suggested he doesn’t envision substantive changes in the state’s attorney’s office.

“Today is the day to celebrate Jason Chambers and his team and all of the great work they have done,” Knapp said. “It is incredibly humbling that Chairman McIntyre and the full board trusted me to not mess up that good work.”

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