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GLT Sound Ideas 9/3/18

Sep 1, 2018

In this Labor Day edition of Sound Ideas we bring you the autobiographical stories of people who stood up in the most recent Next to normal Story Slam. The theme of the evening organized by Devon Lovell and held at the McLean County Arts Center was Re, as in remember, rewrite, rethink, and any other RE word you'd care to think.John Poling from Clinton gives us aremembrance of a career past. Chris Kauffman remembers a story about her first day of marriage to Mark Austill and the comedy and tragedy it entailed. Devon Lovell realized she was really lucky to recover something over and over again. Sometimes mistakes make the best stories. Rhys Lovell recounts a couple of times he should have, or did rethink something. And the most painful incidents in our lives can offer us an opportunity to reconsider the relationships we thought we knew all about. Connie Blick's story is about reawakening and reflection.

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