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Green Top Marks Milestones

Feb 1, 2016

Credit Alexander Bazevanis / Facebook via Creative Commons

A thousand people are now owners of Bloomington's proposed "Green Top Grocery," and the co-op has raised over $900,000 this fall. That's the good news for the community grocery with an accent on local foods, and filling an existing food desert. Green Top spokesman Katie Novak says now the group needs to come up with $600,000. "If we don't raise the amount of money we need this spring, we'll have to turn back all of the funds we've raised so far to the owners who've given it to us. That means we'll likely lose our location." Novak says that could also mean missing out on a city approved tax rebate plan. Novak says she's confident owners will come up with the needed capital. She says loss of the lease would put the project back three years.