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Hot Jazz on a Cool Twin Cities Night

Feb 16, 2016

Ryan Weisheit (far right) playing with Jessy Carolina & The Hot Mess February 16 at Fizz Chicago.
Credit Ralph Weisheit

One of the musicians behind Sweet Megg & the Wayfarers is also now working with another New York City hot jazz band, "Jessy Carolina and The Hot Mess." Normal native and saxophonist Ryan Weisheit, along with vocalist Megg Farrell played the 2014 GLT Summer Concert in downtown Bloomington and their group continues to thrive in New York City's vibrant hot jazz scene. 

But when Weisheit returns to the Twin Cities to play Jazz UpFront in downtown Bloomington February 16,  he'll be with Jessy Carolina. GLT's Jon Norton has more with Weisheit, who says he's crossed paths with Jessy in the past.