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Just 15 New COVID Cases Reported In McLean County

Sep 21, 2020

McLean County on Monday reported its fewest number of new COVID-19 cases in over a month, as its testing positivity rate held steady.

There were 15 new cases reported Monday, according to the McLean County Health Department (MCHD). That's the lowest single-day total for new cases since Aug. 18.

The 15 new cases include four people in their 80s and four in their 40s, among others. There are seven people hospitalized (unchanged from Sunday), with two patients in intensive care.

The county's testing positivity rate is unchanged at 4.1%. The county has been taken off the Illinois Department of Public Health's warning list.

Illinois State University reported no new test results or cases on Monday. ISU's on-campus testing sites are closed on the weekends.

ISU has only tested about 813 students in the past week. That's about half of its 1,500-per-week goal.

ISU plans to soon begin requiring on-campus students to be tested regularly. That's expected to boost testing numbers.

The Interstate Center in Bloomington remains one of the most popular testing destinations in McLean County. But data show residents also are using other testing options.

McLean County has seen around 20,201 test results come in so far in September. Of those, about 57% were from the Interstate Center, according to a WGLT tally.

By contrast, about 80% of McLean County's test results in August came from the Interstate Center.


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