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McLean County Sets Special Meeting To Resolve Auditor, Treasurer Dispute

Oct 11, 2019

McLean County Board Chairman John McIntyre has called a special meeting of the board’s Finance Committee on Monday in hopes of resolving what’s become a bitter public dispute between the county’s two primary financial officers.

County Treasurer Rebecca McNeil has accused County Auditor Michelle Anderson of changing the county’s bookkeeping practices without notifying the County Board. McNeil argued the change was slowing some bills getting paid.

Anderson responded by saying she was using the same system her office has been using for decades and that McNeil had changed.

The county treasurer's office oversees the collection and distribution of $348 million to nearly 200 taxing bodies. The auditor's office records and tracks the county's assets and expenses.

McIntyre said both the auditor and treasurer have been notified that they are expected to attend and will be given an opportunity to present to the board.

County Administrator Camille Rodriguez has called for the county to hire an independent auditor to resolve the dispute.

Anderson has slammed that as a “waste of taxpayer dollars.” McNeil said she would cooperate with changes the board desires but “discussion needed to occur.”

Rodriguez is also expected to ask the committee to develop accounts payable and invoice workflow policies for McLean County government. 

The county moved bill paying from the auditor’s office to the treasurer’s office last year.

The county has also asked State’s Attorney Don Knapp to determine what legal authority the County Board has to specify an accounting method for the elected officeholders to follow.

The meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m. at the County Board room at the McLean County Government Center in Bloomington.

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