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'Moaning' Is Spinning At Waiting Room Records

Mar 28, 2018

An emerging Los Angeles-based post-punk band has been wearing out the turntable at Waiting Room Records in uptown Normal.

Store owner Jared Alcorn said Moaning also brings some shoe gaze to their eponymous debut on Sub Pop records.

"They started up over a decade ago," said Alcorn. "Members had done well with other bands at the legendary punk venue The Smell, which is where they met. They recorded their first single in 2014, which has two demo tracks that landed on this album. Producer Alex Newport heard their music and immediately told them 'I'm in, I want to record you.' Four years later, here we are."

Listen below to hear Jared Alcorn preview songs from the new self-titled album from Moaning. It's another installment of GLT's "What's On Your Turntable."

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