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Nikita Richards Resigns As McLean County Democratic Party Chair

Nov 26, 2020

After than less a year at the helm, Nikita Richards said Thursday she has resigned as chair of the McLean County Democratic Party.

Richards was elected chair in April. She cited family obligations and a new job at the City of Bloomington as reasons for her resignation.

During Richards' tenure, McLean County voted for a Democrat for president for the first time since 2008. Democrats also just flipped two seats on the County Board, although Republicans still hold a narrow 11-to-9 majority. Democrats lost countywide races for auditor and coroner, and Statehouse candidates lost handily.

“I’m incredibly grateful for all that we’ve accomplished together,” Richards said in a statement. "We fought hard for our values and led with our hearts, integrity and logic for the betterment of our community. But now, it is time for someone new to take the reins. I am confident that whomever our precinct committeepersons select will continue our good work."

Vice chair John Whalen will serve as acting chair. Democratic precinct committeemen and women will vote on the new chair at their next Central Committee meeting.

Richards was the party's first Black chair and spoke often about representation in politics. She pursued the job after running unsuccessfully for county clerk in 2018.

“We all contribute to our community in unique ways. Now, my contributions will look a little different while still centering on the things we share in common: love for our families, friends and community," Richards said.