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Peoria's Riverfront Park May Have Historical Significance

Jun 20, 2016

Credit Friends of Riverfront Park / Facebook

On the 325-year anniversary of a settlement that was founded on the shores of Peoria Lake, a group of citizens is calling for the withdrawal of the City of Peoria's plan to sell Riverfront Park for an apartment development.

Karrie Alms, president of Friends of Riverfront Park, says archaeologists could miss the chance to excavate the site to find historical artifacts.

"Once a development's in there, it's in there for what, 50 years, 100 years? And so, it would be better to explore that than to put private development."

Alms said a report released by Dr. Duane Esarey of the Illinois State Archaeological Survey highlights the historical significance of the area.

"It's likely, according to Dr. Esarey's evaluation, that there are archaeological things to be found, because they have been found north, and they have been found south. We just never have explored that."

The Friends of Riverfront Park will host a concert Thursday in Peoria to fund the legal defense of the park and get the word out about the historical significance of it.