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Planned Memorial For Military PTSD Victims

Nov 11, 2016

Credit DVIDSHUB / Flickr

A lot of military memorials honor service abroad.  But one being planned in Illinois will recognize those whose battle continued when they came home. 

There has been a dramatic rise in suicides among those who have served, mostly linked to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  A planned memorial in the state would call attention to that problem many don't want to talk about. 

The Forgotten Warrior Memorial could be built next year in Will County if enough  money is raised. Michael Tellerino is behind the effort. 

"They didn't leave and serve with PTSD.  They came home with it.  That's the sad part. And when they do come home, there's no help for these guys," Tellerino said.

Tellerino is the CEO and founder of a group called "K9's for Veterans."  He says the memorial might be the first to honor those who succumb to PTSD.