School Funding Chasm Widens Between Rauner And Dems | WGLT

School Funding Chasm Widens Between Rauner And Dems

Feb 29, 2016

Governor Bruce Rauner has promoted his school-funding plan across the state. He says Democratic attempts to change the school funding formula are a Chicago school bailout. Some Democrats level the same charge against's Rauner’s proposed takeover of Chicago Public Schools.

State Senator Andy Manar, a Democrat from Macoupin County, says the real problem is the current funding formula relies too heavily on property taxes. "We need a formula that treats Chicago Public Schools the same as Decatur and East Saint Louis and the suburbs of Chicago. We don't have that today and unfortunately the Governor's rhetoric has been very divisive and is taking us in the wrong direction," Manar said.

Manar has proposed legislation to divert state aid from wealthy districts to schools with more low-income students.

His measure would also end Chicago’s automatic claim to millions of dollars in federal funding.