A Somber And Beautiful Album About Death | WGLT

A Somber And Beautiful Album About Death

Jun 21, 2017

Waiting Room Records of Normal owner Jared Alcorn.
Credit Jon Norton / WGLT

Occasionally I like to drop in on local record stores to hear what's playing on the turntable while customers browse the bins.  This week I stopped by Waiting Room Records in uptown Normal, where owner Jared Alcorn was playing an album a little out of left field for the a store named after a Fugazzi album.

Hearing "A Crow Looked At Me" from Mount Eerie playing on the turntable at Waiting Room Records was startling, in that I often hear music ranging from beautiful synth pop to crunching black metal. I don't want to insinuate that's all you'll hear when you walk in, but it's a fair representation.  So I quizzed Alcorn about Mount Eerie, and what what drew him to a very difficult to listen to album.

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