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State Farm Moves Investment Department To Dallas; B-N Workforce Total Unchanged

Dec 18, 2019

State Farm is relocating its investment department from its corporate headquarters in Bloomington to its regional hub near Dallas, though State Farm officials say the company’s total workforce in McLean County will go largely unchanged.

Spokesperson Gina Morss-Fischer said the department has fewer than 100 employees and that some investment employees may choose to remain in Bloomington.

“The size and location of our workforce is determined by our customer needs,” Morss-Fischer said, adding Dallas is a more practical location for employees who travel internationally. “Customer needs drive our structure, service, locations and the size of our workforce. Flexibility ensures we are able to continue to meet customer needs.”

She added the insurer has started moving its entire marketing department to Bloomington-Normal from a variety of locations across the country.

“Hundreds of employees move in and out of our Bloomington facilities every year,” Morss-Fischer said. “There are no plans to significantly alter our Bloomington presence.”

The job shifts are the latest in a series of restructuring moves State Farm has made. Last year, the company cut hundreds of IT jobs in Bloomington and boosted jobs in claims and banking.

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