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State Releases New Report Cards for Schools

Oct 31, 2017

Want to know how your kid's school is performing compared to others? The Illinois State Board of Education on Tuesday released graduation rates, test scores and other metrics through its online school report cards.

The website provides all sorts of data—demographics, teacher retention rates, how many students are homeless and each school's average score on the SAT. But the data won’t show whether schools could give their kids a leg up by having them practice with the PSAT, the preliminary test typically administered two years before the SAT.

Tony Smith, state superintendent of schools, said until now, only districts that could afford it administered that test. This year, the state will pay.

“Districts that have [the] resources have paid for multiple assessments," Smith said. "But this is the first time [the state is] paying for the PSAT for all districts."

Statewide SAT averages show 39.8 percent of 11th-grade students achieved proficiency in language arts and 36.4 percent achieved proficiency in math.

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