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Unit 5 Supt. Talks Teachers Union Friction, Blended Courses

Nov 28, 2018

The Unit 5 Teachers Union voiced frustrations about a consistent lack of follow through by the school board.

At a recent school board meeting, Unit 5 Education Association President Lindsey Dickinson said the board has yet to correct a series of issues after multiple complaints from the teachers union.

She noted frequently unanswered questions, unfulfilled requests, and little to no follow through on concerns.

District Superintendent Mark Daniel said those concerns are being addressed internally.

“I can say with great confidence that we’re looking into that scenario and there are people responsible that are now meeting those requests,” Daniel said.

Daniel said the concerns mostly have to be addressed on a case by case basis, as many have to do with contractual issues.

Blended Courses

Unit 5 implemented new hybrid classes this year, using a blend of in-class and out-of-classroom experiences to teach students.

He said it allows the teacher to personalize their classroom with instructional learning combined with outside research, interviews, or project-focused work.

Daniel said this method of teaching better prepares students for post-graduation life.

“There is strong research in regards to students who are college students and one of their major hurdles is how do they manage time when they have this now freedom,” Daniel said. “Well, we’re providing that experience in high school. And hopefully they learn from this experience and than they’re better prepared as they take additional courses after high school.”

He said Unit 5 teachers are embracing these blended courses.

“They’re finding it to be empowering,” Daniel said. “They’re finding that students are engaged and, again, we’re teaching our students how to manage time.”

When it comes to accountability, Daniel said that’s up to the teacher to work out with the student. He also noted the school utilizes ID swipes to keep track of student movements within the campus area.

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