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What Constitutes Effective Charitable Giving?

Princeton Public Library

'Tis the season for giving. How can you be sure your charitable donations are really being useful? Princeton University philosophy professor Peter Singer lays out a strategy for what he calls "effective altruism." His ideas are being hailed in some circles, but causing controversy in others. WGLT's Judy Valente first reported this story for PBS-TV's "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly."

The U.S. has about a million charities that raise an estimated $200 billion annually. To see the video of WGLT's Judy Valente's original rerport on Peter Singer for PBS-TV's "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly," please visit http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/2015/12/11/december-11-2015-peter-singer-on-effective-altruism/28211/