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Brady, GOP Fear Lifeline May Sink Higher Ed, Social Services

Dan Brady at mic

Republicans in Springfield voted against the so-called 'lifeline' budget that cleared the Illinois House house last week.

The plan appropriates $815 million for things like homeless services, domestic violence programs, and MAP grants for low-income college students. One of those voting against the lifeline plan was Bloomington Republican Dan Brady.

During GLT's Sound Ideas, Brady said GOP members favor a full budget instead of a lifeline.

"I would like to throw a lifeline, but I what I want to do is make sure that lifeline is truly going to help and stay afloat. I don't want somebody to think a lifeline is going to produce something and it not be there," Brady said.

He is concerned about several things, among them revenue projections he said aren't realistic. Brady also said Republicans want the stability he said doesn't come with a lifeline.

"We think we can do better in having a budget that is going to be more than just a couple of months. And there are a number of grants that were part of this lifeline budget, and we believe those funds should have had more money directed for things like MAP,higher education and human service agencies," Brady said.

"Plus, we know that even if this is approved by the General Assembly, the governor is going to veto it," Brady said. "So, let's quit playing those games and try and find something that works. If it's not a full budget, let's make sure it's for more months, and let's make sure projected revenues are correct."

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Willis is a Bloomington, IL, native. During his senior year at Bloomington High School, he finished third in the "Radio Speaking" division of the state speech contest, the only year he competed.