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Camille Taylor

Bloomington police car
Amy Niebur / WGLT

Months after a Bloomington police officer was involved in a racially-charged dispute, the City of Bloomington has released officer body camera footage of the incident.

Bloomington police car
Amy Niebur / WGLT

Bloomington Police don’t plan to release police body camera video of an encounter in which a couple claims they were falsely accused because of their race.

BPD Chief Dan Donath refused to comment on the case, but confirmed the officer involved in the July 11 incident won’t be disciplined.

The department also denied a WGLT Freedom of Information Request to obtain the video. The department said it would only turn over the video to the people involved. The department also indicated no report was filed on the incident because the original complainant didn’t request one.

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"Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

That famous quote attributed to Edmund Burke, a one-time orator, political theorist and British member of parliament, is behind a new effort at Bloomington's oldest park.