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Renner and Carrillo at the meeting
Breanna Grow / WGLT

Editor's note: This is Part 2 of a WGLT series on government's use of social media. Part 1 was about how government and public safety agencies are using social media.

John Fermon at Bloomington Police headquarters
Eric Stock / WGLT

Editor's note: This is Part 1 of a WGLT series on government's use of social media. Coming Wednesday: WGLT examines how governments respond when social media creates controversy. 

Social media has become such a dominant force in much of our lives that it’s become nearly impossible to avoid.

Bill Wasson holding street sign
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McLean County has adopted a social media policy, though County Board members exempted themselves from the new guidelines.

Kathy Michael speaks
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UPDATED 3:20 p.m. | The McLean County clerk’s Facebook page has been taken down for “reconstruction” as county officials work on a new social media policy.

McLean County Board
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McLean County has become fertile ground for developers seeking to build wind and solar farms.

That’s created a quandary for some County Board members who argue the county’s comprehensive plan doesn’t account for renewable energy.

Mark Huffington, Robin Casey, and Margaret Stephens mugshots
McLean County Sheriff's Department

For police and prosecutors, it’s never been easy to get witnesses to testify, especially in cases involving violent crime where retribution is a real concern.

Social media has made it even harder.

In Search Of News That's True

Aug 4, 2017
Pablo Martinez Monsivais / The Associated Press

Should journalists report everything the president or other public officials say, even if it's rude, crude or proves to be untrue? 


Facebook is hoping its newest feature will build civic engagement among its users.

Travis Cornwall in Police HQ
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Last month, when Snapchat rolled out a new feature that automatically shared users’ locations on a map, alarm bells went off for Heyworth Police Chief Mike Geriets.