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State Budget

Gov. Bruce Rauner has planned another round of talks on state budget with legislative leaders in Chicago.  Rauner spokeswoman Catherine Kelly says the meeting is Tuesday afternoon at The James R. Thompson Center.  The Republican met last week with leaders for first time in months, including Democratic
House Speaker Michael Madigan and Democratic Senate President John Cullerton.

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Money can now be released to local governments and community organizations that have been waiting for state funding since July. Shortly after the Illinois Senate Monday overwhelmingly approved a partial budget plan, the governor has signed it into law. IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports. / Flickr via Creative Commons

Changes are forthcoming to Illinois' unemployment insurance program. They’re expected to please both workers ... and employers. The measure on its way to the governor would make it easier for businesses to prove worker misconduct. That could decrease employer’s costs, by exempting them from having to pay benefits. Another part of the package advantages workers. No longer will an older, laid off worker see his unemployment benefit drop because he's on Social Security. The deal took months to negotiate, and was resolved ahead of an end-of-year deadline.

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With Illinois in its sixth month without a budget, the state's top political leaders met Tuesday in Springfield. It was the first time they'd all gotten together in months. We asked Brian Mackey to tell us whether anything was accomplished.

Human Service Providers Plead For A State Budget

Nov 30, 2015

When lawmakers and the governor finally agree on a state budget, some human services providers are asking them to pass a multi-year plan. IPR's Jamey Dunn has more.

Many agencies and organizations that rely on state funding are hard hit by the budget stalemate in Springfield.  The state isn’t mandated to fund higher education the way it must fund K-through-12 education, and the state’s colleges are feeling the pinch.  IPR's Heather Claborn reports.

Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg will suspend adult education classes Jan. 1 because of the state budget crisis.  College President Lori Sundberg says the state-funded adult education, English as a second language, and literacy programs are up in the air because lawmakers in Springfield have been unable to agree on a spending plan. Sundberg says the school is the "sole provider''; there are no other places in the area for coursework. Sandberg remains a testing site for the GED.  

The University of Illinois is officially asking Illinois leaders to come to terms on a state budget for the current fiscal year.  At their meeting in Chicago Thursday, the trustees approved a resolution urging an end to the budget impasse, and signed a presentation copy.

U of I President Timothy Killeen says a hiring freeze affecting 230 full-time positions at the university is just one of the cutbacks instituted to cope with the budget delay.

A month and a half after the Illinois State Museum shut its doors to visitors ... lawmakers have passed a measure that could lead to its reopening.  Advocates have mourned the loss of the Springfield-based museum, which also hosts researchers and preserves millions of artifacts.

Despite the closure, most of the museum's staff have so far held onto their jobs. Their union is fighting with Governor Bruce Rauner's administration in court. But State Museum Board Chairman Guerry Suggs says other employees have quit, taken new jobs, or retired. 

Proposal Would Lower Property Taxes Statewide

Nov 9, 2015

There are efforts at the State capitol to double a property tax break for Illinois homeowners. IPR's Bill Wheelhouse reports

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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is backing off of his much maligned cuts to state-subsidized child care for working parents. It's not expected to be enough to ward off the legislature Tuesday. IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports.

A year ago Thursday, then-Governor Pat Quinn conceded his race for re-election to Republican Bruce Rauner. Voters once again sent Democratic legislators back to Springfield with super-majorities. As IPR's Amanda Vinicky reports, the divided government has led to unprecedented gridlock.

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Illinois' lack of a budget means public pensions systems won't get their state contribution next month. That won't stop retirees from getting their checks. However, there could still be an impact. IPR's Sean Crawford reports.

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Some officials at public universities in Illinois are at least floating the idea of taking legal action against the governor and the Illinois legislature over the absence of a state budget. During an appearance on GLT's Sound Ideas, Illinois State University President Larry Dietz said it's not likely that will happen, but admitted some educators are considering going to court.

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It's the 100th day Illinois has been without a budget. The state has without a budget before -- but going this long is unprecedented.

Dietz Says Budget Cuts Could Be "Devastating"

Oct 8, 2015
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The budget stalemate in Springfield is continuing to affect Illinois State University. The public institution is preparing for a revenue cut from the state, which could be as much as 31.5 percent. ISU President Larry Dietz says the highest proposed cut would be detrimental to the university. 

IDOT Cold Weather Plans On Hold

Oct 8, 2015
Teddy Wade

There'll be fewer orange signs on Illinois' roadways as construction season winds down and winter approaches. But the longer the state's budget impasse goes on, come spring, the Illinois Department of Transportation might not be able to fix all the damage the cold, snow and ice will do to the state's highway system this winter.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says the standoff over a state budget "could go on for a while" but his administration is prepared to continue managing state finances without one. The Republican spoke Friday following a manufacturing expo in Effingham.  

He says he remains committed to getting Democrats to approve some of his pro-business agenda. He repeated that if Democrats don't want to work with him they can balance the budget _ by passing a tax increase _ without his support.