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GLT's Sound Ideas - Full Episodes

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GLT Sound Ideas: 3/27/19

Mar 27, 2019

(1:25) ISU's research chief says the university's new startup incubator would fill a gap in area economic development. John Baur tells GLT's Ryan Denham the need for tech incubation is higher now that major employers are scaling back. (12:13) Plus, a former Miss Iowa who was born without a hand has become a disability rights activist. Nicole Kelly tells Eric Stock she's encouraged by progress, but there's a long way to go. (19:20) Mary Cullen reports on the Unit 5 School Board race. (41:52) And Patrick Murphy gives advice on tree house building best practices during GLT's Grow.

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/26/19

Mar 26, 2019

(21:05) North Carolina's recent academic fraud scandal shows how the NCAA's own rules handcuff the athletic governing body. New NCAA Board member Jeri Beggs of ISU says they need more leeway to go after colleges and universities. Jeri Beggs tells GLT's Eric Stock she wants to let the NCAA use information FBI and other investigations. (38:00) Plus, the best year in Hollywood ever....was eighty years ago, according to the GLT Culture Maven Shari Zeck. Laura Kennedy finds out why.

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/25/19

Mar 25, 2019

(13:09) It's not easy to socialize when you are a recovering addict without going to a bar. But, Chestnut Health Systems recovery specialist Daniel Sokulski envisions a kind of clubhouse recovery space. GLT Correspondent Breanna Grow reports on the tough task of finding friends while staying clean. (1:24) Plus, Senator Dick Durbin tells Eric Stock the Attorney General's summary of the Mueller report raises as many questions as it answers. (26:21) An ISU faculty member has a role in setting policy for the NCAA. (36:14) And contributor Steve fast brings us the music of the Old 97s.

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/22/19

Mar 22, 2019

(14:11) A Cherokee two-spirit poet and scholar says the way Native American cultures dealt with lgbtq issues could help modern day society. Qwo Li Driskill says they had established roles and work in indigenous cultures. Charlie Schlenker has more. (1:25) Plus, Laura Kennedy reports on a timeless art form brought to life on typewriters. (40:54) And Jon Norton talks with Paige Hernandez who fuses hip hop samples with actual liner notes from popular jazz, soul, and funk albums to preserve culture.

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/21/19

Mar 21, 2019

(1:22) GLT's Ryan Denham talks to Bloomington-Normal parents about a bill in Springfield that would lower the age at which kids could be left home alone. (7:33) You'll hear from the leaders of BN Youth Activists about their 2nd annual March for our Lives event on Friday. (37:17) Meet an African-American violinist playing the music of the Black Mozart. (25:31) And Jon Norton previews Miles Nielsen's weekend show at the Castle Theatre.

GLT Sound Ideas 03/20/19

Mar 20, 2019

The candidates for Bloomington City Council in wards 2, 4, 6, and 8 discuss issues including a potential gas tax increase, the future of Grossinger Motors Arena, the city's role in policies to address gun violence and the social problems that give rise to it, and leadership lessons. This forum is co-sponsored by WGLT and the McLean County League of Women Voters.

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/19/19

Mar 19, 2019

(20:06) Deficits continue to mount in Unit Five, and the school district has to decide whether to ask residents for a tax increase. School Board candidates including Meta Mickens Baker talk with GLT's Mary Cullen about the choices facing the district and the cuts Unit 5 has already mate. (39:21) Plus, Jon Norton brings you the music of super producer and sound engineer Steve Albini. (1:24) And Mayor Chris Koos of Normal drops by to talk potholes and street repairs.

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/18/19

Mar 18, 2019

(16:22) Scouts BSA Troop 9903 in Bloomington is all girls. Eric Stock reports on the first scout troop of girls in the twin cities. (28:53) Plus, Ryan Denham reports on how the Unit 5 school district is broadening its approach to kids’ futures. Schools now have their first college and career counselors on staff. (1:25) The President and CEO of the center for automotive research talks about how to plan for self driving cars taking over the world. (41:02) And the Illinois Politics Roundtable tackles Tobacco 21.

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/14/19

Mar 14, 2019

(1:25) GLT's Mary Cullen talks with the executive director of the McLean County Museum of History about a new digitization effort of old Pantagraph photos. (27:00) Eric Stock catches up with Illinois State University alum Katy Winge, a former Redbird basketball standout, who has risen through the ranks of broadcasting to become TV analyst for the Denver Nuggets. (41:00) And Jon Norton previews The Dollyrots' upcoming show at Nightshop in downtown Bloomington.

GLT Sound Ideas 03/13/19

Mar 13, 2019

As your kids grow up, so do the questions they ask; about death, race, and other thorny topics. GLT's Ryan Denham gets some advice from local early childhood expert Katie Stelle-Mardis about how to answer the most difficult questions that kids can ask. Plus, State Senator Jason Barickman voices concerns about the Governor's graduated income tax proposal. Mary Cullen reports on the Unit Five School Board candidate positions on a potential tax referendum. And Mike McCurdy and Patrick Murphy give you more gardening advice during GLT's Grow. 

GLT Sound Ideas: 3/12/19

Mar 12, 2019

(1:20) Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner recaps Monday's meeting, including a crime stats update from Police Chief Clay Wheeler. (15:00) GLT Student Reporter Darnysha Mitchell talks to the owner of a new food hall that's coming to Uptown Normal next year. And (36:25) GLT's Eric Stock has an exit interview with the retiring executive director of the Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation.

GLT Sound Ideas 3/11/19

Mar 11, 2019

(1:25) GLT's Eric Stock talks with the incoming president of the Illinois State Medical Society (a Bloomington doctor) about the healthcare-for-all proposals floating around the 2020 presidential election. (14:55) Charlie Schlenker interviews Unit 5 Superintendent Mark Daniel about the difficult fiscal policy choices facing the Normal-based school district. (42:25) And Laura Kennedy previews the Community Players Theatre production of the film-to-stage adaptation "The Wedding Singer."

GLT Sound Ideas 03/08/19

Mar 7, 2019

A special on-location broadcast of a forum with the candidates for Normal Town Council. Eight candidates are vying for three positions. They talk about the issues that matter most to the town. The Normal Council Candidates Forum is co-sponsored by GLT, The Pantagraph, and the McLean County League of Women Voters.

GLT Sound Ideas 3/7/19

Mar 7, 2019

(1:22) GLT's Mary Cullen talks to members of a Multicultural Leadership Program team tasked with promoting a running club that empowers women. (9:12) Charlie Schlenker talks to Unit 5 Superintendent Mark Daniel. (29:15) And Jon Norton previews upcoming shows at Nightshop (Daniel Watkins) and the Peoria Civic Center (Kansas).

GLT Sound Ideas 3/6/19

Mar 6, 2019

(1:24) How about this for overcoming adversity. Volleyball standout Ashley Green had her leg amputated below  the knee, yet buckled down and has found a way to still play her sport. Eric Stock reports sitting volleyball is actually tougher than the non adapted sport. (16:27) ISU President Larry Dietz is asking the County Clerk to collaborate for better election service at the Bone Student Center. (29:46) Plus, Jon Norton has the music of Anthony Gomes and another dive as well...into the art of the Way Down Wanderers.

GLT Sound Ideas 3/5/19

Mar 5, 2019

(19:57) Governor JB Pritzker is proposing 1.3 million dollars more in state funding for ISU. University President Larry Dietz is cautiously upbeat about that. Dietz says having a budget might also be improving student applications. (1:25) Plus, GLT's Ryan Denham talks with Congressman Rodney Davis about how he reluctantly came on board President Trump's declaration of emergency at the southern border. (40:07) Arts Correspondent Laura Kennedy has a poetry reading and discussion from Tim Hunt about his new book Ticket Stubs and Liner Notes.

GLT Sound Ideas 3/4/19

Mar 4, 2019

(1:25) Three years in, the City of Bloomington has to decide whether to keep -- or fire -- its arena management company, VenuWorks. GLT's Ryan Denham talks to arena management expert Brad Mayne and others about the future of city-owned Grossinger Motors Arena. (12:34) Plus, GLT News takes a look at caseloads in the McLean County Public Defender's and State's Attorneys offices. They're heavy, but within acceptable standards. (45:15) And the Illinois Politics Roundtable assesses the chaotic Chicago Mayoral Primary.

GLT Sound Ideas 2/28/19

Feb 28, 2019

(1:23) Bloomington Doctor Paul Pederson says he has concerns about legalizing marijuana and even about medical marijuana. The new head of the State Medical Society tells Eric Stock it's even against the law to study marijuana effects. (42:14) Plus, Mary Cullen has a Black History Month edition of our feature McHistory. (20:32) Charlie Schlenker talks with Illinois High School Association Assistant Director Beth Sauser about the girls basketball tourney in town and changes in the sport. (13:39) And this is the first full year of the GOP tax cut plan impact. How's that working for people?

GLT Sound Ideas 2/26/19

Feb 26, 2019

(31:26) Illinois State University English Professor Bill McBride says many directors owe the late Stanley Kubrick for their bag of tricks. A talk with Bill McBride about the six week film school at the Normal Theater. (24:33) The Normal West Chess Team is having stellar results. Eric Stock reports. (18:57) Mary Cullen talks with the new regional director for the children's home and aid society about expanding programming to rural children. (1:24) And Mayor Tari Renner of Bloomington stops by for a chat with Ryan Denham.

GLT Sound Ideas 2/25/19

Feb 25, 2019

A GLT and Pantagraph joint report shows appetite for a broader response to gun violence. Ryan Denham and Edith Brady Lunny report there's a difference in how the community has responded to opioids and guns. Plus, research shows African Americans mistrust mental health care, much as they do other parts of the medical system. Public responses to sexual assault often fail victims. We'll have an IPR report. And the Illinois Politics Roundtable talks taxes.

GLT Sound Ideas 02/22/19

Feb 22, 2019

Eva Jones' son Ronnie says his mom took a lot of heat as the first black and first woman District 87 School Board member and later the first African American City Council person. GLT's Ryan Denham brings you the story of Eva Jones for Black History Month. Plus, Eric Stock reports on an advocate for people with disabilities who says municipal governments are starting to get it. Laura Kennedy takes on a documentary about the negative impacts of sports teams with Native American Mascots. And Jon Norton has the music of Sierra Hull.

Governor JB Pritzker and Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady are both talking about bipartisan cooperation, but they have fundamental disagreements about taxation. Eric Stock reports central Illinois lawmaker reaction to the state budget message. Plus, Ryan Denham talks with Briahna Joy Gray, senior politics editor at Intercept about identity politics during her visit to ISU. JH Hearts MM. No, don't carve those initials in the trees. It's GLT's Grow. And what's an Oscar broadcast without a little drama. Laura Kennedy and GLT's Culture Maven dish.

Governor JB Pritzker gives his first State of the State and Budget Message to the General Assembly. The rough budget outline that included $800 million in deferred pension payments, estimated revenue from legalized marijuana and sports betting, a 5% increase in allocations for education, and a request that the General Assembly approve a statewide referendum on a graduated income tax.

GLT Sound Ideas 2/19/19

Feb 19, 2019

Undocumented Migration Project Director Jason De Leon [day lee OHN] says thousands of immigrant deaths from people trying to cross the border are not unintended consequences. DeLeon tells GLT's Ryan Denham his research is also a reminder America's misguided immigration policy pre-dates President Trump.  Plus Jon Norton brings you the music of "She said So." And Eric Stock reports on how people with disabilities have become advocates for others like them.

(1:25) Hannah Van Der Karr grew up in Dwight and is trying to mobilize opposition to an immigration detention center under consideration for the Livingston County village. Eric Stock reports on the proposal that could also bring much needed jobs to Dwight. (9:13) Plus, Mary Cullen talks with Illinois Wesleyan University economist Michael Seeborg about the impact of the minimum wage hike. (28:44) An ISU Ethnomusicologist shares her trip to Ghana and slave dungeons underneath a church there.

(1:25) Project Oz client Tre Whitelow says it's not easy to find a living wage job in Bloomington Normal. Ryan Denham reports on a Project Oz program partnering with area employers to train people for jobs. (15:25) Plus there is a far lower share of Republican women in Congress than women in Congress. McLean County GOP women talk about the future of the party. (40:47) Laura Kennedy reports on a new exhibit by multi media artist Tom Rice who explores the impact of humans on the environment.

(9:45) Karen Irvin of Mom's Demand Action on Gun Sense says their group formed in Bloomington a year ago is stronger than ever, and sadly so. Ryan Denham reports on Bloomington Normal gun activists a year after the Parkland Florida school shooting. (1:26) Plus, there's a potential billion dollar investment in Rivian Automotive by Amazon and GM. We'll have analyst reactions. (42:11) Laura Kennedy gives us a hint of what the philosophical play ...Marjorie Prime is all about. (26:50) And Jon Norton talks with New Yorker Magazine Music Critic Alex Ross about music in the 21st century.

A community conversation about youth mental health. A panel of stakeholders talks about doctor shortages, suicide prevention, and the crucial role schools play in coordinating mental health service to the young. This is made possible with the help of the Alice and Fannie Fell Trust at ISU.

(1:26) ISU Nursing Professor Cindy Kerber says the public seems to be adopting videoscreen medical consulting just fine. GLT's Mary Cullen has more on mental health help via the small screen. (28:43) Plus, the Me Too Era is having one adverse effect. It's chilling the climate for men mentoring women in the workplace. (41:59) Jon Norton has a quick tutorial on the music of Masaki Batoh during 'What's On Your Turntable.' (9:15) And Mayor Tari Renner of Bloomington drops by.

(1:25) ISU Student leader Angel Zamudio [ANGEL (like from heaven) Zi-MOOD-ee-oh] says apartment owners have an unflattering image of students, as piggy banks.With a new university housing complex coming, Ryan Denham reports there might be disruption to the image and to the apartment marketplace. (40:51) Plus, there's a shortage of referees for youth games across Illinois. Eric Stock reports on the trend. (13:34) And Billy Tyus the new Deputy City Manager for Bloomington introduces himself.