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GLT's Sound Ideas - Full Episodes

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GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/16/18

Jul 16, 2018

High School student Eden Warner of Hudson says she had some misgivings about painting part of a mural to beautify an underpass on the Constitution Trail. Ryan Denham reports on the latest public art project in Bloomington. Plus, Bloomington Alderman Jamie Mathy regrets the cancellation of last week's special meeting on the draft Welcoming City Ordinance. The San Francisco based psychedelic/blues-rock band Howlin' Rain is on someone's turntable and appearing tonight in Bloomington. Jon Norton Reports.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/12/18

Jul 12, 2018

There are more than 150 youth lacrosse players in Bloomington-Normal, and Matt Troha of the Illinois High School Association says he expects at least one high school team in the Twin Cities in a few years. You'll hear the music of Switchback, plus hear how twin city educators are becoming aware of the rise of teen vaping. Colleen Reynolds reports.

GLT Sound Ideas 7/11/18

Jul 11, 2018

It's the return of the band the Something Brothers. Ed Pierce says it wasn't a tough choice to do a new CD, the first in three decades. Jon Norton reports. Plus the After Hours barbershop quartet finished in third place at the international competition last year. This year the central Illinois founded group won it all. Listen again to Laura Kennedy's profile of the quartet and its sweet harmonies. And its time to scrap the gas powered lawn tools for electric ones: hear more on GLT's Grow.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/10/18

Jul 10, 2018

Staying safe is not easy on highway construction crews and Rowe Construction Supervisor Tad Meyers says one job is key, the flagger. Listen to Ryan Denham's report on construction zone safety. Plus, Mayor Tari Renner talks about the latest defeat of the effort to pass a welcoming city ordinance, and the potential for new development in town. And reaction to the nomination of federal judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Illinois State University Professor Tom McClure talks over the impact that will have.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/9/18

Jul 9, 2018

The effort to pass a Welcoming City ordinance in Bloomington has fallen apart again. Charlotte Alvarez of the Keep Families Together coalition says the group is opposing the latest draft. GLT's Ryan Denham also reports Charlotte Alvarez says there has been little negotiation with the community over the issue in Bloomington. Plus, A photo exhibit at the Mclean County Arts Center looks backward and Norman Rockwell and forward to today's society.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/3/18

Jul 3, 2018

Illinois Hotel Association Head Mark Gordon says Airbnb is shorting cities on taxes--cities like Bloomington-Normal--and undercutting hotels. GLT's Ryan Denham reports on Airbnb in the twin cities. As Independence Day approaches, here the story of a Union soldier fighting in the civil war as a man even though the Central Illinois resident was born as a woman. Get a behind the scenes peak at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. And Mayor Chris Koos is in the studio to talk about a new multi family residential recycling requirement in Normal. 

GLT's Sound Ideas: 7/2/18

Jul 2, 2018

Work requirements for people to receive SNAP food benefits could make final farm bill passage tougher.  Adam Nielsen with the Illinois Farm Bureau tells GLT's Mary Cullen his organization doesn't have a position on work requirements. There's an edition of What's On Your Turntable. You'll hear some of the new Neko Case, on the turntable at Waiting Room Records in Uptown And during an edition of our gardening program, Grow, find out what it takes to make your deck or patio another livable space.

GLT Sound Ideas 06/28/18

Jun 28, 2018

A community conversation about gun violence. Seven people have been shot and killed in Bloomington-Normal in the past two months. There have also been numerous lesser shooting incidents. Federal prosecutors announced arrests and indictments of fifteen members of the gang the Bomb Squad for a variety of serious crimes including several murders, one of them, in April, a Bradley University student who was a bystander. With us to talk about the issues surrounding the gun violence are the Rev. William Bennett, City of Refuge Ministries and member of the Bloomington Public Safety and Community Relations Board (PSCRB); Normal Police Chief Rick Bleichner; Karen Irvin of Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America; and community leader Allen Chambers.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/27/18

Jun 27, 2018

An Illinois State University Supreme Court scholar says the high court's decision confirming the Trump Muslim Travel Ban to the U.S. passes constitutional muster. But professor Michael Gizzi tells GLT's Eric Stock it's terrible policy. Also find out how reducing commercial food waste could help landfills, the environment, and everyone's garden. And Jon Norton introduces you to the music of A Band Of Heathens.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/26/18

Jun 26, 2018

A judge looks back on his 18 years on the bench, including overseeing McLean County's child abuse and neglect court. Judge Kevin Fitzgerald talks to GLT's Ryan Denham about his career, diversity on the bench, and unprecedented turnover in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. Hear how a Normal West High School Soccer trip to Jamaica is preparing players for life, not just the next season. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner is in the studio talk about gun violence, the city’s new city manager, and new rules governing agenda setting.  

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/25/18

Jun 25, 2018

Three young men and an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle collide at a Normal apartment building. Two are dead and the other's in jail. GLT teams with The Pantagraph for a closer look at the Lancaster Heights shooting -- and what police say is a troubling trend of young people with powerful, stolen guns. The WBRP is celebrating a decade of service on the west side. During an edition of GLT's DateBook, Charlie Schlenker talks with Armando Baez about the past ten years of the West Bloomington Revitalization project.

GLT Sound Ideas 6/21/18

Jun 21, 2018

Stealth mode is over: Rivian automotive's CEO says the company is ready to start sharing ahead of their big unvailing at the LA Auto Show this fall. GLT's Ryan Denham spoke to RJ Scaringe about his vehicle's so called "skateboard chassis" and when preorders will begin. The new health department director talks about the most pressing public health issue facing McLean County. And ahead of Make Music Normal, GLT's Jon Norton talks with one of the 70 performers from the festival, as you'll here from singer-songwriter John Till.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/20/18

Jun 20, 2018

GLT's Ryan Denham reports on the expansion project underway at the Unity Community Center in Normal. GLT's Eric Stock talks to a local child trauma expert about the family-separation issue at the U.S.-Mexico border. GLT's Grow gives you tips on irrigation. And GLT's Jon Norton previews Make Music Normal with singer-songwriter Kyle Yap.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/19/18

Jun 19, 2018

It's an interview with a sexual harassment expert who says a lot of training to prevent sexual harassment isn't worth what it costs. GLT's Mary Cullen talks with ISU Professor John Prior about a new study on sexual harassment in the sciences and academia. Hear from Normal Town Council Member Kevin McCarthy. He's in the studio following the Town Council Meeting to talk about multi-family residence recycling and more. And you'll hear from the City of Bloomington's newly named City Manager. Tim Gleason starts in late July.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/14/18

Jun 14, 2018

Hear how social media is making it easier to interfere with the justice system. In McLean County three people are facing charges in connection to a witness intimidation Facebook page. GLT's Ryan Denham talk with legal scholar John Browning and others as he reports on outing confidential informants on Facebook. Black Lives Matter BloNo bailed a mom out of jail in time for Mother's Day, and they're trying to do the same for a dad on Father's Day. Hear how the bail system works against people without money.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/13/18

Jun 13, 2018

Hear five stories about the moon and lunacy from people in Bloomington-Normal. Ron Hardy tells us a story about the time many years ago when he tried LSD at his own New Year's Eve party. Christy Zimmerman shares a trip to Mexico which is about being afraid and overcoming fear. Marc Austal has a story of leading an everyday reasonable life of lunacy. Karla Bailey Smith speaks of losing love and finding new affection under the light of the full moon, and Devon Lovel shares a mystical moonlight experience from a Next to Normal Story Slam held at the McLean County Arts Center.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/12/18

Jun 12, 2018

Hear where healthy food and economic development meet. An advocacy group suggests the local food market can grow the local economy.  GLT's Eric Stock talks with Elissa Bassler of the Illinois Public Health Institute on the heels of a healthy food summit in Bloomington. Find out what the City of Bloomington is doing to add diversity to its staff.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/11/18

Jun 11, 2018

State Senator Jason Barickman of Bloomington isn't celebrating too much over the on-time delivery of a state budget this year. State lawmakers are still mindful of voter outrage over the last several years of budget standoff. Erick Stock talks with Senator Barickman. The summit with North Korea is underway. You'll find out from an ISU expert on East Asian politics about what to watch for. And during an edition of the GLT Datebook, you'll hear about Relay for Life. Organizers are trying to keep the cancer fundraiser the 2nd largest in the state.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/6/18

Jun 6, 2018

Blues Diva Shemekia Copeland says she had a relationship with Queen of the Blues Koko Taylor. Taylor would often call and talk for fifteen minutes or so. and then talk with her mom for an hour and a half to find out how she was really doing. Jon Norton talks with the new Queen of the Blues and GLT Summer Concert Headliner. Plus, GLT's Eric Stock introduces you to the three finalists for Bloomington City Manager.  And a bicycle advocacy group is hoping to improve safety on area roads.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/5/18

Jun 5, 2018

ERA Advocate Kay Moss says she wants to apologize to people on the patio at an area restaurant last week as she and friends hunkered down over her phone during legislative debate. She was streaming the debate and erupted into cheering when the General Assembly ratified the amendment. Ryan Denham reports on what's next for ERA advocates in McLean County. Plus, a report on who has guns in McLean County and where they live.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 6/4/18

Jun 4, 2018

It's a conversation with Illinois State University President Larry Dietz, who says he's happy there is a state budget, even if its the second lowest appropriation for ISU in a couple decades.  Dietz says having a plan, any plan, is better for enrollment than no plan. Charlie Schlenker has the interview. The Desert Blues sound of the Saharan peoples of North Africa will be heard in central Illinois tonight. Reverberation Vinyl welcomes back Niger based Mdou Moctar. And you'll hear about playwrights from across the U.S.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/31/18

May 31, 2018

Hear about all Laura Kennedy has done central Illinois and GLT in the last 30 years. As she retires you'll hear some of her greatest hits. It's Laura's last day with GLT. Our own Jon Norton has the interview. Illinois is now among the states which have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We'll have the IPR report. Also from IPR, a report on a senate approved State budget. And then on to beer. We catch up with the empire being built by Destihl and on the eve of its opening, GLT's Ryan Denham introduces you to the brewers behind Keg Grove.

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/30/18

May 30, 2018

It's a quirky world of might have been with the Bloomington Cogs and Corsets festival. Organizer Melanie Shellito tells Laura Kennedy that Steampunk and its mix of Victoriana, science fantasy, and role playing can even be multi generational. Plus, learn about another quirky passion, British car collecting and this year’s featured model at the Champaign British Car Show at the David Davis Mansion from Dave Hauman. And Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner talks TIF with Ryan Denham

GLT's Sound Ideas: 5/29/18

May 29, 2018

Find out what an Illinois State University scholar has to say about the influence on Millennials of the of the first Harry Potter book, debuting 20 years ago.  The entire series had great success. Hear how the Cinderella tale of The Boy Who Lived taught a generation of fans to stand up for their beliefs. There are only a few more days until the end of the spring legislative session and it looks as though the General Assembly is edging nearer a budget. Learn more during an edition of the IPR Politics Roundtable.

GLT's Sound Ideas 5/24/18

May 25, 2018

It's a report on a new diversity hiring program in Bloomington. The NAACP's Quincy Cummings says it came about following a Freedom of Information Act request. Hear how the city may hire staff to be more reflective of Bloomington's racial diversity. Ryan Denham reports. A youth soccer league is launching a fundraising campaign for new fields. GLT Correspondent Colleen Reynolds talks with a Illinois Fire Juniors board member about what it could take to move from Community Fields owned by the Central Illinois Regional Airport.

Finding the middle on gun control is not easy. Joe Miller of Central Illinois Precision shooting says the media are full of the extremes on the gun issue. GLT's Ryan Denham also talks with young shooters about what they find fulfilling in using guns. Plus, ISU Galleries Director Barry Blinderman is stepping down after decades of helping shape the twin cities arts scene. Laura Kennedy has more. And Jon Norton talks with the Poster Children, out with a new album after more than a decade away for parenting.

GLT's Sound Ideas 5/22/18

May 22, 2018

Normal Police Pension Board Member Mark Kotte acknowledges the the pension fund has about half the assets it needs instead of the 90 percent mandated. GLT's Ryan Denham reports on the policy debate for pension fixes: consolidate or deregulate. Hear how medical cannabis can be good for your…pets. Laura Kennedy has more during an edition of Animal House. And Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos is in the studio to talk about outdoor dining in Uptown and the pilot project approved by the council.

Heartland Alliance researcher Katie Buitrago says the poverty rate in McLean County is misleadingly low because that does not take into account a living wage. GLT's Judy Valente reports children and women have far higher poverty rates. Hear from the State Farm Vice President for Strategic Resouces. Laurette Stiles' examines external cometitive pressures, and trends to provide company leaders guidance of future direction. GLT's Ryan Denham has the interview.

GLT's Sound Ideas 5/18/18

May 18, 2018

Bloomington Parks and Recreation Director Jay Tetzloff has dreams for O'Neil Pool, big dreams. Ryan Denham tours the aging O'Neil pool with Tetzloff and talks about the future of the facility.  Hear from the Women of Distinction Keynote speaker, who was American Airlines Vice President for Diversity during 9/11. Di Ann Sanchez, who continues to provide diversity training, had to diffuse mistrust and hatred toward Mulsims at American Airlines after the attack.  And Charlie Schlenker talks with the state treasurer about the possibility of a state budget

John Stark is in his first year as the Artistic Director of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival and the Chicago Tribune ranks the festival number one in summer must see events. Nothing like pressure! More on the summer season with Laura Kennedy. Plus, Ryan Denham looks at the competitive pressures State Farm Insurance is facing. Plus, the Blues and roots music of Samantha Fish is refreshing and varied. Jon Norton has more.  And it's GLT's Grow.