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Animal House: Bad To The Bone

Jan 16, 2018

Who can resist those furry faces when it comes to giving our dogs a treat? Well, think twice before you treat your dog to a bone.

  • The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning about commercial dog bones.
  • The bones are labeled ham bones, pork femur, rib bones and more.
  • Dogs that ingest bone treat are at risk for choking, gastrointestinal blockage, vomiting, cuts to the mouth ... or death.
  • Table scrap bones should also be off limits to dogs. Chicken bones in particular can easily splinter.  
  • While it's easy for a bone to go down a dog's throat, the ... uh ... exit out of your dog's body is not so forgiving. Some serious damage can happen there when a dog tries to pass bones.
  • Be careful throwing bones away in kitchen garbage cans. Wily dogs can still get to them that way.
  • A good replacement for a bone treat is a kong. Just keep it filled with peanut butter to keep your dog happy.

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