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Animal House: Holiday Hazards For Your Pets

Dec 20, 2016

For your pet's sake,play it safe with holiday decor.
Credit Kurt Bauchardt / Flickr via Creative Commons

One of the joys of the holidays is decking your home with festive decor.  But those treasured decorations could pose a problem for the family pet.  Dr. Matt Fraker, from the Prairie Oak Veterinary Center, has some advice.

  • Tinsel and ribbons are oh-so-tempting to your pet.  But if they're ingested, they can cause serious problems to your pet's digestive tract. The intestines accordion pleat against themselves trying to work a foreign body string through.
  • Keep tinsel of home made garlands off of trees.
  • Electrical cords are very interesting to pets who like to chew on them. Electrocution and mouth burns are possible.
  • Holiday greenery can poisonous to pets, including poinsettia and lily.  The Humane Society has a  list at their website of plants to avoid.
  • Dogs can overturn Christmas trees if they go under to play or drink the water in the tree stand.  Block their passage under the tree.