Former Towanda Pastor Returns From LA To Shoot Movie | WGLT

Former Towanda Pastor Returns From LA To Shoot Movie

Jul 13, 2017

A one-time pastor from a church in Towanda felt called to a new mission a decade ago. Kevin Mounce left the flickering lights of liturgical candles for the bright lights of Hollywood to pursue his dream of making movies.

But it was not an easy path for Mounce, who founded a production company in Los Angeles, No Man's Land Productions. He has been mostly creating short videos featuring a character called Robert Mann, offering manly advice.

To pay the bills, Mounce clocks in as a human resources manager at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in LA. But No Man's Land is where he goes nights and weekends, and Mounce recently took vacation time to return to Central Illinois to shoot his first, full-scale independent film called "The Little Vagabond."

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