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GLT Datebook: Nonprofits Motivate Author

Jun 26, 2017

Prolific writer R.T. Wolfe is inspired by the work of nonprofit organizations in creating her romantic suspense novels.
Credit Laura Kennedy / WGLT

Author R. T. Wolfe finds inspiration for her romantic suspense novels from the good work done by nonprofit organizations.

Her latest book series focuses on the character of Nickie Savage, a detective with a harsh past that includes being kidnapped by child traffickers. The Nickie Savage Series highlights the work Child Rescue of North America, an organization helping those who have been involved in trafficking.  Her research lends her novels a real touch of authenticity, plus helps her get the word out about worthy organizations and the work they do.

Novelist R. T. Wolfe.
Credit Laura Kennedy / WGLT

"I've worked with East Coast Center for Conservation and Biology for the Black Creek Series for a character who specializes in the rehabilitation of bald eagles," said Wolfe. "The organization was beautiful with helping me with my facts, and I just got very involved in promoting their cause and their organization.  Plus, I'm giving percentages of my book sales to their organization. And I did it again with Master Gardeners, with Operation Migration, with Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch."

"And then when I started writing the Nickie Savage Series, and this character just was coming to life as I was doing research on different trafficking organizations.  I really got hooked into Child Rescue.  They have an amazing story and I've incorporated them quite specifically, including making the founder, Jess Larson, a character in the Savage Series."

"The story is about Nickie and how she's overcoming her past, and this man named Duncan Reed, who has his own past, and how they compliment each other -- and combat, as well.  The trafficking is not heavy or depressing.  There's still some dry humor and there's a lot of happy endings that come out of working with these children and women that have been trafficked."

"Working with nonprofits has become my drive and my love. I can't imagine creating another series that does not involve another issue or organization because, for me, this is where it's at!" 

You can find more information about R.T. Wolfe and her works here.

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