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Peoria City Council Officially OKs Recreational Marijuana, Hears Budget Proposal

Peoria City Hall
Jeff Smudde
Peoria City Hall

The City of Peoria could see the sale of recreational cannabis next year. The city council last night approved an ordinance to allow adult-use marijuana dispensaries.

Last week, council members asked if the stores could be at least 1,000 feet from facilities with children. But Senior City Attorney Chrissie Peterson recommended against such a large distance.

“When we looked at our liquor ordinances, our gaming licenses, other adult uses, the maximum for minimum distances was really 350 feet,” Peterson told the Council. “So we struggled to find a thousand as being defensible.”

The council pushed through a 500-foot separation.

Whether the city actually will have a dispensary for recreational cannabis depends on the state. The legislature limited a three-county area around Peoria to no more than three such facilities.

Budget proposal

The city of Peoria should have a balanced budget next year. City Manager Patrick Urich last night gave the city council an overview of the proposal.

“There is no property tax increase in 2020 or 2021. The budget recommends no furloughs or layoffs of any city employees,” Urich said. “The capital budget as presented includes, over two years, $30.5 million of investment in or streets and sidewalks.”

Major capital expenditures include $17 million for sewers, and $2.5 million each to replace firehouse 16 on Northmoor Road and firehouse 19 on Frostwood Parkway.

The residential garbage fee will jump from $18 to $21 a month to cover the nine-point-three million dollar contract the city has with P-D-C Services.

The proposed budget is nearly $218 million, a six percent increase over the current budget.

There will be a public hearing on the budget next Tuesday night. The council will vote on a final budget at its Nov. 12 meeting.

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H. Wayne Wilson covers Peoria City Hall for WCBU. He also produces documentaries and hosts a half-hour talk show on WTVP-TV.