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H. Wayne Wilson

H. Wayne Wilson covers Peoria City Hall for WCBU. He also produces documentaries and hosts a half-hour talk show on WTVP-TV.

There will soon be 30 new houses built in Peoria’s East Bluff neighborhood.

Midstate College in Peoria will close its doors at the end of the summer session next month.

All residents of the city of Peoria will have every other week pickup of recycled materials beginning in August.

The Peoria Police and Fire Departments are not meeting their own goals for hiring more minorities. 

While approximately 30 percent of the city's residents are African-American, only 12 percent of fire department personnel are black. Of 175 personnel, there are 30 minorities and women. 

Peoria Fire Department Division Chief Tony Ardis said the issue is also evident when future promotions are considered. There are 11 African-American fire captains, but Ardis told city council members last night that retirements may come before promotions for many of the captains. 

The Peoria city council tonight will consider a new contract with Peoria Disposal Company that could bring back every-other-week pickup of recyclables for households south of Forrest Hill Avenue.