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Carle Health says online patient portal is updated to provide faster, gender-responsive options

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Ryan Denham

The way that Carle Health Diversity, Equity and Inclusive head Amy Delaney explains it, there are two large categories that capture the healthcare system's efforts to provide gender-affirming care: Structural and awareness-building.

For "several years" now, the Urbana-based system has worked to determine where it falls short in providing inclusive care to underserved communities. That's led to the creation of a new department — the one Delaney heads — an updated strategic vision and anti-bias training.

And, in January, it led to a system update within MyCarle that "allows patients to more easily update their preferred name, their gender and other key identifiers so that the record their care teams sees better reflects who they are and how they identify."

"Every patient deserves to feel seen, welcome and respected in their healthcare environment — that's such an important part of building trust between our healthcare teams and the communities they serve," Delaney told WGLT. "So, things like being called the correct name, using accurate pronouns for each patient, asking questions that are ... relevant to the patient's concerns — those kinds of interactions go a really long way in building trust."

As an example, Delaney pointed to a recent conversation she'd had with a Carle anesthesiologist: He'd had patients update their preferred identifiers ahead of visits, and when they came in, he said "he feels more confident that he's addressing them in a respectful and inclusive way."

"That's made a big difference already in his work with patients," she said.

That's the structural change. There's also an educational aspect that's been rolled out since January, which includes the launch of a virtual, six-part educational series aimed at training healthcare providers of all levels how to model gender-affirming care to patients.

That series features different speakers each month, ranging anywhere from a physician to a patient to an LGBTQ+ community advocate.

The speakers discuss "patient concerns and help us better understand vocabulary or communication concerns or clinical questions" that are important to performing gender-inclusive care, Delaney said. While aimed at healthcare providers within Carle, Delaney said "external" providers or community advocates would also be welcome to attend the virtual sessions.

In a news release, Carle Health described the series rollout, as well as the changes with MyCarle, as "an early opportunity in the long-term commitment to focus on people and build trust through inclusive care."

Carle spokesperson Brittany Simon said work that addresses other equity-related issues or gaps, as well as underserved populations, remains ongoing.

Lyndsay Jones is a reporter at WGLT. She joined the station in 2021. You can reach her at lljone3@ilstu.edu.