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Construction on Savannah Green streets, alleys begins Monday in Normal

A sign that says "Road construction ahead" is seen on the side of the road
Ryan Denham
The Town of Normal planned to start efforts to rehab and upgrade the streets and alleys of the Savannah Green subdivision on Monday, April 1.

The Town of Normal plans to start rehabilitation and upgrade work on the roads and alleys in the Savannah Green subdivision on April 1 to preserve its traditional neighborhood design that differs from other subdivisions.

While the traditional neighborhood design was popularized in the 1910s, the Savannah Green subdivision was built in the early 2000s. The traditional neighborhood design includes characteristics such as alleys that town looks to improve.

Almost immediately after its construction, the town saw deterioration in the streets and alleys in the subdivision. It was expected the pavement would be serviceable for about 20 years.

Public Works Director Ryan Otto said a combination of the materials that were used during the original construction and the workmanship led to premature deterioration.

“It’s been probably a decade or more in the making in terms of securing the funding and planning the project,” Otto said. “So now we are in a position where we can make those improvements to make the streets better, make the alleys better.”

After receiving $3.7 million from the American Rescue Plan Act Fund in early December, construction was separated into two stages.

Otto said the first stage will focus on reconstructing the streets while the second stage will repair deterioration in the alleys. Both stages will fix drainage as well.

“Each stage will have its own challenges in terms of construction and how we coordinate with the residents,” Otto said. “The alleys themselves are going to be difficult because most residents take their garage access of the alleys. So, we are going to have to work closely with the residents about where to park.”

Response from the residents of the Savannah Green subdivision has been largely positive. However, residents are concerned that not all streets and alleys are being improved.

Otto said there are plans to work through more streets and alleys to satisfy every resident and improve all issues that have plagued the subdivision for years.

“We know we have to communicate well and often so we are prepared to do that,” Otto said. “We are prepared to make sure people know where to park, where to get their mail, and how to get the trash picked up.”

Town officials hope to be done with the first two stages of construction by mid-October. However, based on many factors, that timeline is tentative, Otto said.

More information about the construction can be found on the Normal Forum. Contact information can also be found there for who to connect with if there are any questions.

Evy York was a student reporting intern WGLT during the spring 2024 semester.