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State Farm Upsets Racists With Interracial Couple Tweet

State Farm

A lot of couples become engaged around the holidays.

State Farm Insurance saw an opportunity to boost its business by reminding people to use in don't forget to insure the engagement ring.

They used a stock photo of an interracial couple during a proposal displaying a ring.

Cue the intolerance. Lots of it. 

This prompted a frenzy of tweets from people with racist views, promising to drop their business with State Farm. Some had Twitter handles that suggest neo-Nazi group affiliation. Some altered the photo in racist ways. 

Hundreds of other people called out the taunts, asking State Farm to forget the ignorant racists, issuing photos of their own talking about love. Tweets also congratulated State Farm for mirroring the world and transcending physical differences. 

State Farm has not responded to the incident. 

State Farm competitor Geico, though, tweeted an offer of assistance on a policy to one of the State Farm haters. Geico later walked back that rate quote saying they responded without seeking the image and its context and apologizing for the error.

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