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Candidate Questionnaire: Cheryl Froelich

These responses were submitted by Republican McLean County Board candidate Cheryl Froelich, who faces Democrat Shayna Watchinski and Libertarian Steve Suess. The questionnaire was prepared by GLT in partnership with the League of Women Voters of McLean County. See more candidate responses.

Explain any experience you have working or serving with McLean County government.

None to date.

Last fall, the county had to close a $1.5 million budget gap — a deficit that led to an early retirement program and other cuts. What would you prioritize in future budgets if revenues remain tight?

First priority would be protection of Public Safety programs then close evaluation of where reductions could occur without detrimental effects on the community.

What would be your approach to evaluating economic incentives to help bring (or expand) businesses in McLean County?

My approach would be dependent on a case by case basis with a consideration focusing on what the business may bring to the community by way of economic growth potential, the career force it demands and does our community need it.

Do you think McLean County should establish a countywide election commission? Why or why not?

No. Any appointed commission that receives taxpayer dollars should be held accountable for revenue and expenses. An elected official is accountable not only to the constituents but also the county board which has oversight on their budget. 95 out of 102 counties do not have a countywide commission. The current Bloomington Election Commission has no accountability for anything to either the county or the city.

Do you support changing County Board meeting times — from the morning to afternoons or evenings?

My employer will support my attendance as a McLean County Board member no matter the meeting time.

I believe firmly that people will prioritize and make arrangements if they have a pressing issue they wish to address with the board, therefore, I am open to changing the meeting time.

How do you think McLean County government can help to provide more affordable housing in the area?

McLean County government can help by demonstrating how different models of housing for can impact the the community. Examples would be the Frequent Utilizer pilot and Pay For Success.

How would you describe the relationship between the County Board, the Board of Health and the Behavioral Health Coordinating Council? What role the County Board play in guiding health policy, governance?

The County Board has led the direction in the behavioral health area. The Behavioral Health Coordinating Council is an advisory group to the County Board. The Board Of Health is the oversight for the Health Department. As defined in the Mental Health Action Plan, collaboration and coordination among internal and external entities is critical to improving health, both mental and physical for all county residents.

What would be your approach to evaluating land-use requests involving renewable energy like wind and solar?

I support property owners rights, however, I will be open minded and respectful. Listening to concerns is very important and I will not lose sight of that.

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