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Bloomington Offers Water, Sewer Insurance Starting In May

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Bloomington is offering residents an opt-out water leak insurance program and opt-in water and sewer line policies.

Bloomington's new ServLine program that insures homeowners against water and sewer leaks and repairs starts May 1.
Residents are automatically enrolled in the water and sewer leak protection for $1.05 per month, but they can opt out.

Insurance against water and sewer line damages is a little more costly: $4.84 per month for residential customers and $6.60 monthly for sewer later protections. But the homeowner would have to sign up for the program.

Public Works Director Jim Karch suggests it would be a good investment.

“We have a lot of sewers in the city of Bloomington that are even older than the 1900s, so that same age also applies to many people’s sewer laterals that are private,” Karch said. “A protection program like this provides that comfortability for people with homes that haven’t televised their sewer later like they should.”

The homeowner is responsible for damages up to the sewer or water mains including the connections. Both policies cover damages up to $10,000.

The sewer and water leak protection covers the cost of leaks up to $500 with no deductible.

“There’s a toilet that will leak at some point,” Karch said. “You’ll have other faucets that have other leaks. It is amazing the quick speed at which leaks can really add up.”

The city contracted in December with Tennessee-based Sunbelt Insurance to offer the insurance.

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