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An Interview with Tamzin Merchant

16 hours ago

Tamzin Merchant is known by many for her roles in Pride and Prejudice, The Tudors and Carnival Row. She's a wonderful actress, and now she is a published author! We were delighted to read Tamzin's first book, The Hatmakers."Full of magic, surprise, and adventure, Tamzin Merchant’s sparkling debut introduces a captivating heroine and her extraordinary world." We can't recommend enough that you go out and pick up this book. We speak to Tamzin about The Hatmakers and her acting career.

Flashbacks: Thelma & Louise

Feb 23, 2021


Front Row Flashbacks is going on an outlaw road trip with one of cinema’s greatest duos, Thelma & Louise. These ladies leave the toxic men in their lives and truly find themselves as they make their way through the beautiful scenescape that America has to offer with the wind in their hair and a great 90’s country mix tape in the cassette player. As their valiant escape to Mexico gets headed off by the law, these ladies write their own ending with one of the most memorable endings in cinema history.

FLASHBACKS: Pretty in Pink

Feb 9, 2021

Front Row Flashbacks is going to the prom in a handmade pink dress to revisit the Molly Ringwald classic Pretty in Pink. We’ll get into the socioeconomic disparities as well as the great expressions of teenage awkwardness littered throughout this John Hughes production. Can Andie navigate life through her final year of high school with boys longing for her attention? Are you Team Duckie or Team Blaine? Join us as we seek to answer all those questions and more on Flashbacks!

Join your co-sensei's Larry Smith and Jay Hoffman as they walk you through all things All-Valley Karate and breakdown Season 1 of the Netflix hit Cobra Kai. They talk about how Cobra Kai pays homage while simultaneously pointing out the sheer silliness of Karate Kid, all while being the most bingeable show on TV. 


FLASHBACKS: Trainspotting

Jan 27, 2021

Front Row Flashbacks is diving into the Scottish, drug-fueled, modern-day classic, Trainspotting. We’re gonna get into how this movie simultaneously shows the allure and extremely destructive power of hard drugs. This movie kickstarted the careers of director Danny Boyle, who gave us films such as 28 Days Later and Slumdog Millionaire, and actor Ewan McGregor. Join Ryan, Jay, and Erin as we dive into the emotional highs and lows and the punk rock, manic energy provided in Trainspotting. Choose Life my friends!

The Front Row is thrilled to welcome writer and lyricist, Chad Beguelin. Chad is an Illinois native and is an accomplished lyricist for the Broadway stage. His musical, The Prom, is now a brand new feature film on Netflix with an all-star cast. Join Jeremy as he discusses the many aspects of the film with Chad in this delightful conversation.

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner

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Netflix's Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is one of the most celebrated films of the year and The Front Row is breaking it all down. We are thrilled to have August Wilson scholar Dr. Joan Herrington along with Davenport Junior Theatre’s Creative Director Ben Gougeon joining Lou to review the film and how it honors the legacy of August Wilson.

Non-Spoiler review to start, Full Disclosure (spoilers) discussion at 8:20.

Panel – Lou Hare, Dr. Joan Herrington, Ben Gougeon

CLASSICS: The Great Race

Dec 23, 2020

MonsterCast 2020 continues with a very special episode. Last year we name the horror short Hidden Mother our top choice of the HuluWeen Film Festival and now we are so psyched to have the writer and director Joshua Erkman here to discuss it! We talk where the idea came from, the boldness of that ending and what horror films he recommends for a truly scary October. Give it a watch and listen!

FEATURING: Jeremy Goeckner