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Tiffani Jackson

Tiffani Jackson is a reporting intern at WGLT and a student at Illinois State University's School of Communication. She started working at WGLT in summer 2019.

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People holding signs
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

Bloomington-Normal Youth Activists along with 50 community members took to the streets in Downs on Wednesday to peacefully protest racism and police brutality.

Students outside Normal West
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

The first day of Jasmyn Jordan’s sophomore year in high school was memorable. As she entered her history class at Normal West, she had her first racist experience.

People marching with signs
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

After weeks of protesting for justice for black lives lost at the hands of police, commemorating the day that ended slavery meant a little more this year than others for some.

William speaks to a man
Ryan Denham / WGLT

With churches partially closed, social distancing still the norm, and racism becoming bolder by the day, maintaining a sound mind during a season of pain can be difficult for some.

Crowds holding signs
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

More than 200 protesters gathered Monday night at Clearwater Park in east Bloomington and marched through nearby neighborhoods to speak out against racism.

Justin speaks
Darnysha Mitchell / WGLT

A peaceful demonstration led in part by high school students was interrupted Wednesday when an agitator deployed what authorities called a harmless “smoke device,” in at least the second attempt to intimidate protestors in the past four days.

Demonstrators hold signs
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

More than 50 people marched through some of Bloomington’s more affluent neighborhoods Monday calling for justice and unity in the wake of George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis.

Willy Hunter
Illinois State University

Illinois State University will play an even bigger role in making sure school districts with underserved students have access to top-tier K-12 STEM teachers, thanks to a new grant.

Minnesote protesters hold sign
John Minchillo / AP

As police made their first arrest in the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Bloomington-Normal branch of the NAACP said it is imperative to be on the battlefield for justice.

Markus Brooks
Markus Brooks / Courtesy

This spring, college seniors across the country have faced a graduation experience like never before. For Markus Brooks of Bloomington, his support system helped him push through.

Jordan Holmes
Jordan Holmes / Courtesy

University leaders across the country face a difficult decision in the coming weeks about whether they can safely reopen their campuses in the fall.

If the answer is no, college students will have a choice of their own.

Craig Lee
Courtesy / Craig Lee

With schools closed and gatherings prohibited, one District 87 teacher is taking advantage of being able to connect with students in a unique way.

Joe Rosel
Joe Rosel / Courtesy

With healthcare workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal protective equipment has become vital to keep them safe. While masks are one of the most important tools used for protection, wearing one for long hours in a hot environment can cause extreme skin irritation.

Women at event
Courtesy / Jack and Jill of America

When Memuna Lee moved to Bloomington-Normal in 2008, she felt out of place.

Kyana and Bridgetta
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

Kyana Wilkinson says it’s a scary time to be a nurse.

Woman shakes Dietz's hand
Illinois State University

Illinois State University’s graduating seniors are grappling with a double dose of bad news this week: They won’t be able to finish out their final semester on campus, and they’re now entering a job market that’s a lot shakier than it was a few weeks ago.

Janessa and Linda
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

Four years ago, black voter turnout declined in the U.S. for the first time in 20 years for a presidential election. Aiming to make a comeback starting with Tuesday’s primary, black voters in Bloomington-Normal say they’re adamant about educating themselves on the issues, hoping to make strategic selections that will result in progressive policymaking in the future.

Christian Johnson and Tatiana Walker
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

Discovering your true identity is one of life's greatest quests. History plays a role in connecting the dots, but for African American students, the lack of information taught on their culture could leave some starving for a sense of self.

Eugenia Cheng with Colbert

While playing a game of superheroes with her best friend at 7 years old, Eugenia Cheng had one of her first introductions to gender roles.

Arthur and Laurie pose
Ashley Binkowski / WGLT

The West Market Street Council has taken another step toward ending the food desert in west Bloomington by revealing preliminary architectural drawings of its new grocery store and plaza.

Angela Rye speaks
Ashley Binkowski / WGLT

With an unapologetic call to action, political strategist Angela Rye urged the crowd at Friday’s Martin Luther King Jr. Cultural Dinner at Illinois State University to stop talking about his legacy, and be about it.

Two Bloomington-Normal teenagers will be awarded for their commitment to making the town a better place at the 44th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Awards Luncheon on Saturday.

Olivia Butts speaks
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

As the holiday season arrives, Black Lives Matter BloNo is calling for volunteers to help monitor McLean County courtrooms as part of its ongoing efforts to reunite families with loved ones who can't afford bail.

Census officials seated at table
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

The Bloomington-Normal NAACP is working to debunk misconceptions about the census and encourage all residents to be counted as the once-a-decade headcount moves online for the first time.

Aaron and Gil
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

The U.S. has a long history of identity-focused media outlets. Telemundo is one of the most established, serving Hispanic audiences. Among the newest is the Black News Channel, which launches Jan. 6 in an estimate of  33 million homes.

Thanksgiving trinket
Flickr/Creative Commons/JimShoreThanksgiving

Everyone has a holiday horror story. But it's not easy to keep controversy away from the holiday, not perhaps even advisable.

Olivia Butts
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

A leader with the local Black Lives Matter chapter is urging the Bloomington City Council to allow cannabis sales as a form of reparations for the drug war’s injustices against people of color.

Jacob and Justin
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

The music industry is highly competitive. Those who have talent can get overlooked.

Jacob Hoffman, founder of Basement Bars Records, says he can change that.

Marquell, recipient, and Carla
Tiffani Jackson / WGLT

Amid continuing police-involved shootings of black Americans and renewed focus on racism at Illinois State University, two local groups have teamed up to show solidarity—and make 50 kids very, very happy.

Megan McGowan/WGLT

“After you get your life taken away for a little while, the way you value it if given a second chance becomes a passion.”