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WGLT's Sound Ideas - Thursday 7/1/21

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ISU's new President says student athletes should not have to go to the food bank. She supports a supreme court ruling allowing athletes to earn from their status. On her first day on the job, WGLT devotes all of Sound Ideas to an interview with ISU's 20th President and first female top executive, Terri Goss Kinzy. The issues we cover include: how ISU can resist the nationwide trend of declining enrollment caused by drops in the number of high school graduates, state funding or the lack thereof, whether society views higher education as a public good any longer, and whether to mandate student Coronavirus vaccinations.

Abigail Schombert is an audio production intern at WGLT. She joined WGLT in summer 2021. She is a creative technologies major (with an emphasis in sound) at Illinois State University.