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FBI Investigates Nazi Hate Mail


Police have asked the F-B-I to investigate a Nazi flyer mailed to an African-American homeowner this week. It happened in Leland Grove, a small, wealthy suburb of Springfield. Dan Ryan is the police chief.

"So it was a white pride letter that's got swastika symbols on the front ot it it. The second letter was an application you could send in to the American Nazi Party."

The letter’s recipient, Letitia Dewith-Anderson has lived in Leland Grove for about seven years. The flyer was mailed from the South Suburbs of Chicago.

She checked with neighbors; they had not received the same flyer, and Dewith-Anderson, who's black, realized she had been singled out.


"And I think that was just trying to intimidate me to say hey we're back. We're here. And we're watching you.

Police Chief Dan Ryan says he’s never received a similar complaint. Dewith-Anderson says the only change she plans to make is to put a sign in her front yard, saying "Black Lives Matter."

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